Gold Country Roasters

Gold Country Roasters

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Gold Country Roasters is a coffee shop in Murphys, California.  We worked hand-in-hand with the owner to help her clean up her site.  SHe had a pretty good site to begin with but she wasn’t using it properly and had not paid much attention to it over the last year or so.  As a result we needed to do some backups, update everything, and then go through all the products and pages to get them back up to date.

We spent a lot of time teaching the owner how to manage her content and even gave her some of our tasks to accomplish as we watched over her shoulder to answer questions.  As a result, She now has the tools she needs to keep her site loaded with all kinds of news and events while she’s also confident enough to make changes to just about any page of her site.

By the way, if you’re looking for Bird Friendly, Rainforest Certified, or Fair Trade Certified coffee then look no further.  My personal favorite is the Murphys Blend!

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