Lesser and Lesser PRO

Lesser helps you manage custom CSS for your site using LESS. Lesser is compatible with all WordPress caching because Lesser uses WordPress’s built-in script management features to output the final CSS.

Lesser keeps your custom styling out of your themes and plugins. That means theme and plugin updates and changes won’t overwrite your LESS. You can even switch themes and add/remove plugins without fear of losing the custom responsive CSS styling you worked so hard to debug on all the mobile device formats.


  • Independent of any WordPress theme or plugin
  • Switch themes without losing custom styling
  • Add/Remove plugins without losing custom styling
  • Efficiently organize CSS
  • Ideal for managing responsive design customizations


  • Use LESS instead of CSS
  • Edit directly from your admin
  • Compatible with popular WordPress caching extensions
  • Easily migrate your changes using popular plugins like WP Clone
  • Fast – Lesser compiles your LESS once and saves the result for super-fast load times

Lesser PRO adds the following features:

  • Separate editors for both admin and public CSS changes, as well as changes common to both
  • Minification – speed up your production site with compact files
  • Test mode – expanded CSS output and cache-busting for easy development even through caching proxies