Pick.Cool is a social media based voting site where people pick their favorite Musicians, Models, and Tattoo Artists.  So far we’ve run competitions in three states, Texas, Nevada, and Colorado, and over 25,000 people have voted. We’ve created strong ties in each community and left behind new networks of connected people who’ve been able to expand their business in dozens of new ways. We’ve crowned winners who’ve seen their demand grow exponentially and sponsors with hundreds more likes and contacts, and even new contracts to go with them.

But more than that, we are also a record label working with Universal Interface Muzik out of Los Angeles to find top musical talent and give them the tools and opportunity to be discovered.   For our models, we have connections with major retailers,  fashion companies, modeling and talent agencies, and even movie producers who are always on the look out for talented and dedicated models they can work with. We’re teamed with Ivy League Allure Talent Agency based in Beverly Hills, Ca to provide cash prizes of $500 to the winner of each state and a $2,000 cash prize to our National Champion Female model later this year.

Up and coming talent in any niche needs to prove that they can not only command a stage or runway, but that they can also dominate social media.  Pick.Cool is all about proving your online marketing skills.  Our winners our consistently some of the most intelligent and likeable people you will find anywhere. Record Labels and Agencies are looking at these online skills more and more every day and a Pick.Cool win is the ultimate way of proving that you have the biggest and best network in your State.



In each state we first find our sponsors and define the prizes.  Once we are all set up, we then open the contest for the public.  Anyone can join by simply uploading an image, bio, some optional video clips, etc to our website.  Once we approve their content they are ready to go.  They simply share their profile page on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media and ask their friends to vote for them.  Voting is very simple and only takes two clicks.  Each person can only vote one time in each competition so there isn’t a lot to ask of people who support you.  At the top of each contest page is a countdown clock, most contests last about 30 days.  once the clock ticks down to zero, the person with the most votes wins.  There is no cost to join, we only ask that that the contestants have semi-professional photos and/or music tracks to share.


Reno – Northern Nevada MMI Awards

In Reno, Nevada we rented the famed Showroom at the Nugget Resort and Casino where we held our first ever awards show.  the reviews are in and you can see them here, including the 5/5 star review from

And Several articles in Talk reno Magazine from reviews of our awards to interviews with our winners.


bignugg 2 Bestpic PickCool Awards fullroom


Denver – Colorado MMI Awards

In Denver we held our awards ceremony at Casselman’s and it was an equal success with over 9 different acts, the top models in the state and another guitar give away for needy kids.

colorado models 2 11652146_10153511799232867_1296080373_nColorado Modelscolorado music


Guitars for kids


guitars denverguitar guitar1 guitar2 GUITARSFORKIDS2_edited-1


This has been one of the most rewarding part of Pick.Cool.  In each market that we’ve been to so far we’ve given out two brand new guitars for deserving kids.  the top two musicians in Reno came up with this idea as a way to spend their prize money and we thought it was such an amazing idea that we decided to repeat it everywhere we go from now on as part of our awards shows.


 What’sSeattle Next?

We are currently focused on Texas and Seattle and are also close to launching something special in San Diego which we hope will be a game changer.   If you would like more information please contact us at



The main goal of our prize pools is to provide the winners with the tools they need to help them take their career to the next level.  As an example, our musicians winner in Colorado won a photoshoot, a professional website, 12 hours of studio time at Decibel Garden in Denver, and a distribution deal through Universal.   This complete package has already allowed them to start booking bigger gigs in larger venues and the buzz that’s surrounding them since winning on has made a big difference in just the first few weeks after the competition.

There are several options available for sponsors.  in each market we require five photographers who are each willing to provide two 2-hour complimentary photo shoots to our winners as part of the prize pool.  At the end of each pick we go through the list of top ten models and allow them each to pick which photographer they want to work with until all complimentary shots have been assigned.  Then we announce the winners on our Facebook and each model is the responsible for contacting the photographer and scheduling something at the convenience of the sponsor.

In addition, we also work with a recording studio in each market who provides studio time to the winning musician.  Time can vary from 6-12 hours and is intended to provide the winner with an opportunity to record some of their music so they can be eligible for our Universal Interface Muzik distribution opportunities.

Website development costs can also be sponsored at a rate of $1,000 per competition. As of now, has been absorbing these costs but we are interested in allowing a local business in any market to receive credit for this prize in return for covering the costs of development.

Event sponsorships can also be purchased to help us cover the costs of the Red Carpet Awards. These rates can vary from a few hundred Dollars to sponsor trophies or video costs, up to several thousand for full sponsorship opportunities at a first rate facility.

Guitars For Kids is also a way to get involved in the community and give something amazing back.  For a donation of around $70 you can provide a brand new guitar to a deserving kid in your city.  Guitar Center in both Reno and Denver so far have worked with us to get wholesale pricing on top quality guitars which we then deliver into the right hands by contacting the music departments of inner city schools to find their best and brightest and reward their dedication.



Website: PICK.COOL

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